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Source: Singapore Ministry of Manpower on Facebook, for illustration purposes only

Almost half of Singapore employees surveyed would quit if made to work in office more

Almost 50% of Singapore employees would consider resigning if required to work more frequently in the office, a survey by recruitment agency Randstad revealed on Monday (22 April).

A total of 517 Singapore-based employees and job seekers in Malaysia participated in the survey.

Gen Z employees strongly feel that hybrid work options are necessary

The survey revealed that 49% of respondents would consider quitting if their employers mandated more frequent office attendance.

A rising trend was observed as the age demographic shifted younger:

  • 45% of Baby Boomers

  • 44% of Gen Xers

  • 47% of Millennials

  • 69% of Gen Zers

Furthermore, 46% of those surveyed emphasized that the ability to work from home is non-negotiable for them

The report highlighted that the Covid-19 pandemic might have normalised remote work for younger workers, leading them to be less enthusiastic about traditional office roles.

These arrangements encompass flexi-place, flexi-time, and flexi-load options

Flexi-place enables employees to work from remote locations, including their homes.

Singapore employees are prioritising work-life balance over pay

Additionally, local employees were found to priorities work-life balance over receiving a high salary.

59% of respondents indicated they would not accept a job if it adversely impacted their work-life balance.

This figure was slightly higher than the 58% of respondents who said they would not take on the job if it did not offer significantly higher pay.

When it came to the topic of current and future jobs, 95% felt that work-life balance was crucial.

On the other hand, 90% believed that pay was more important.

Dubbing it as a “surprising trend”, Randstad’s report stated that these figures arise despite higher living costs and inflation.

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