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Randstad released the 12th edition of the Employer Brand Research report in Singapore, capturing the voice of the local workforce as well as showcasing how talent expectations change with the economy and labour markets.

After three unprecedented years, the changes to today's economy and labour markets have undergone transformative changes, resulting in evolving talent expectations. While Singaporean employees value employment and salaries are extremely valuable to talent, people are actively seeking companies that provide a positive experience and make them feel good at work.

Two in five local respondents (41%) revealed their intention to leave their jobs “to improve work-life balance”. In the same survey, 38% said that they are motivated to leave because of “low compensation and rising cost of living”.

This echoes the employee sentiment that “work-life balance” is ranked more important than “attractive salary and benefits” when looking for an ideal employer to work for in Singapore.

top 5 reasons that motivate a worker to resign

1. to improve work-life balance

2. low compensation & rising cost of living

3. lack career growth opportunities

4. received an offer I could not refuse

5. lack interest in my job

As individuals increasingly prioritise a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives, they desire companies with a nurturing work environment where this is possible. Employers will need to recognise that a well-balanced work life is not solely dependent on flexible working arrangements, but it also requires a comprehensive understanding of how work fits into people’s lives.

Employers should aim to establish a culture of trust and transparency where employees have the autonomy to make decisions regarding their work schedules and are able to communicate transparently and clearly with their colleagues and bosses. As today’s talent strives to feel fulfilled at work, the onus is on employers to support their workforce by ensuring that they have manageable workloads and reliable resources to boost their productivity.

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